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Don’t worry. Our internal database holds many additional opportunities.
On our website we only publish machines with verified availability.
How do you know about our offer of tomorrow ?
You may visit our website day by day - or just send a specified enquiry to
get informed automatically by email about each new opportunity.
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How to issue an enquiry ?
You may contact us in any way. The easiest way is to use above enquiry button to send an email.
Which information do we need ?
Please issue full contact information:
  • company name
  • contact name
  • address
  • phone / fax
  • email (and website)
Note: We will not process any enquiries with email address only.
Also send min/max specifications of your desired machine:
  • capacity
  • working rangeage
  • condition
  • approx. budget
  • anything, which is important
But don’t overspecify and let us know which compromises you could accept. You may constrain your specifications later on.
How we process your enquiry ?
Your contact details and enquiry specifications will be collected in our database. We may return to you in order to clarify specifications.
You will receive an email on any actual and future opportunity close to the range of your specifications.
Occasionally you will receive our newsletter related to your activities.
You may change or cancel your enquiry or newsletter subscription anytime.
How do we treat your data ?
Your contact data will only be used within the ProdEq Group. We will not give access to your contact data to any third party.
Enquiry specifications however, may be published in an anonymous form.
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